There is almost a complete lack of support services for young people entering and re-entering into the labor market in Vanuatu. The Youth Employment Department (usually replaced with the more positive term 'Entrepreneurship) of the MoYSD works towards helping provides for youth entering the job market or who are ready and potential equipped to start an entrepreneurship career.

With regards to youth employment, employers do not feel the need to strongly invest on training them as the requirement, in terms of resources, appears as a strong deterrent. At the same time, non respect of working rights and abusive practices discourages young people from fully committing to a job. The main root of this bias is that young people lack information on suitable jobs for their skills. It has been noted that school drop outs are a particularly disadvantaged group, the limited resources of the education system from the secondary level onward, do not permit teachers to assist less learning-prone young people.

While they may engage in some sort of remedial training offered by information training institutions, if the do not, they are to access the labor maket while being virtually unemployable, especially in the urban setting where competition is fierce.