Youth Registration

There are numerous advantages for youth groups to be registered under the VYNC. We would have a better understanding of the youth issues, role, dreams and aspirations, based on their own circumstances, situations and activities which will also help us identify needs of youths and organizations. Additionally, networking and coordination and delivery of youth services will improve. Registration will be helpful in terms of developing a basis for strategic planning, M&E of policies and programmes which will impact on the complete youth population. 

Registration for you groups is essential to identify the nature, needs, capacity, roles and activities that are being undertaken by different active youth organizations in Vanuatu, defining the boundaries of the Vanuatu National Youth Council. Youth Registration goes further by gathering information that could help identify possible service delivery gaps for the youth and most importantly ensuring collection of relevant data and valid information for planning purposes by the VNYC, DYDST and other key youth stakeholders and development partners.



The Vanuatu National Youth Council aims to serve as a forum in which issues relating to the needs, problems and aspirations of young people can be discussed; to encourage and promote active participation of young people in the political, social, economic, cultural and religious development of their communities and the country, to co-ordinate and unify all youth groups and activities throughout the country under one national youth development programs; to foster, support and develop youth programs and financial schemes which will assist in the enhancement, development and realization of the role and contribution of youth in the development process; and to develop an effective leadership role for the youth of Vanuatu.