Youth Development

The National Youth Volunteer Services of the MoYDS aims to engage young people throughout Vanuatu in sports and healthy lifestyle choices. The departments main objective is to build capacity for young people, development of partnerships and host community engagements. When involving young people to do volunteer work we are not only allowing them to develop their skills and prepare them for work but it also creates self-esteem as an alternative to unemployment of lack of confidence. Young people volunteer themselves for youth development in Vanuatu and participate in trainings provided by the Youth Development department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

The main aim for the volunteer services program is to ensure that volunteers, especially young people of Vanuatu, contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development in targeted communities and areas throughout the country. 

Most of the volunteers have been selected to volunteer representing the Department of Youth and Vanuatu National Youth Council to help and assist partners in their respected communities. Partners such as UNICEF, the Just Play program have all been involved with youth development in Vanuatu. The national volunteer scheme aim is to ensure that volunteer’s especially young people of Vanuatu contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development in targeted communities and areas throughout the country.


The Vanuatu National Youth Council aims to serve as a forum in which issues relating to the needs, problems and aspirations of young people can be discussed; to encourage and promote active participation of young people in the political, social, economic, cultural and religious development of their communities and the country, to co-ordinate and unify all youth groups and activities throughout the country under one national youth development programs; to foster, support and develop youth programs and financial schemes which will assist in the enhancement, development and realization of the role and contribution of youth in the development process; and to develop an effective leadership role for the youth of Vanuatu.


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