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The Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) aims to be a key partner in the creation of a viable and sustainable integrated sports development system for Vanuatu. VASANOC has been active in Vanuatu for 30 years. The Vanuatu National Olympic Committee was established in March 1987. When the Vanuatu NOC became associated with the IOC, problems began to develop between the two organizations due to differences in opinions, political interference in sport, managerial problems and a general misunderstanding of the responsibilities of government and non-government organizations in the administration of sport. 
This unfortunate situation was finally resolved in 1990 when all National Sports Federations stepped in, and with the assistance of both the IOC and ONOC, a proper constitution was adopted amalgamating the two sports organizations. In fact this was the first task undertaken at the inaugural Olympic Solidarity Sports Administration Training Program organized in Port Vila and facilitated by Mr Brian Wightman. 


Previous events that VASANOC has managed in Vanuatu:

Pacific Games and Pacific Mini- Games since 1987, Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games since 1982, Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games since 1987, Participation of Vanuatu in 2000 Paralympic Games, Acceptance of the WADA Code in 2004, Interim Women In Sports Commission in 2005 and a proper one in August 2009, Reception of a 9-seater Vito model bus from DaimlerChrysler, in 2006, Working Group for Sports Medicine Commission in 2007, The Nabanga Sport Program pilots in Tafea and Penama Provinces in 2007, The Drug Free Sport Vanuatu in 2009, Vanuatu Athletes Commission in 2010, Working Group for Sport and Environment Commission in 2010