Sports Development

The Sports Development department of the MoYSD in Vanuatu is extremely active. The Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) is formed of thirty sports federations that are continuously building participation among the people of Vanuatu, while promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Sports development through out Vanuatu aims to create a viable, sustainable and integrated sports system through out the country. VASANOC and the Vanuatu Government successfully submitted the bid to host the 2017 Pacific Mini-Games and preparations are currently underway to host those events, being the biggest multi-port event to ever be held in Vanuatu.

The MoYSD provides assistance to the National Federations in the organization of their national competitions, either in the area of equipment or provision of technical expertise, or provision of organizational and technical assistance for the National Games (formerly, the Provincial and Inter-District Games), held every three years in different provinces. National Federations offer training in over twenty sports through out Vanuatu and are essential to teaching skills associated with these sports and promoting healthy lifestyles for all ages.



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